Tearing of the dura mater is one risk you could encounter in traditional back surgery that there is less risk of at The Bonati Institute. The dura is tissue that covers the spinal nerves and spinal cord. A tear that occurs during surgery and is not repaired right away might not heal properly and could leak spinal fluid. Dura tears can also happen when a spinal disc bulges or ruptures.

Dural tears that leak spinal fluid can increase the risk of spinal meningitis, an infection of the spinal fluid. They can also cause spinal headaches, which worsen when you are upright and feel better when you lie down. A tear in the dura might heal on its own quickly, but if it doesn’t, you will require surgery to repair it.

Fewer Risks of Dura Complications

Surgery done at The Bonati Institute carries far fewer risks than old-fashioned open back surgery. In fact, we have never had a mortality, disability, or major infection caused by one of our surgeries. Our surgeries are also less likely to cause the scarring that happens with other types of surgeries.

When your dura tears from a ruptured disc or you otherwise need surgery to correct a tear in the dura, turn to The Bonati Institute. We use tiny incisions in your skin to insert small surgical instruments and repair your spinal condition with few risks and a recovery time that takes days, not weeks. Our gentle, outpatient procedures are also far less expensive than long hospital stays, and you can look forward to feeling better sooner.

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