Discitis is an inflammation or swelling in the space between the vertebrae of your spine. It can be caused by an infection or an autoimmune condition. Discitis most often occurs in children younger than 10, but adults can also get it. At The Bonati Institute, there is almost zero risk of contracting infection from our procedures, because we use such small incisions.

Severe back pain is a common symptom of discitis. Doctors diagnose it using various techniques, including:

  • X-rays that may show narrowing disc space and erosion of vertebral end plates
  • Bone scans that may show lesions that don't have clinical signs
  • MRIs that may show the inflammation characteristic of discitis
  • Complete blood counts that may reveal elevated white blood cell counts

How We Treat Discitis

Discitis is treated according to the cause of inflammation, and one of its goals is to reduce pain. Antibiotics are the normal course of treatment in cases where infection is the suspected cause of discitis. If physicians suspect an autoimmune disorder, they usually prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. You should contact your physician if your child has persistent back pain, especially if she refuses to walk or flex her spine.

Although the majority of our patients recover quickly from our procedures, complications are a risk with any surgery. Rest assured that our Pain Management Center is there to lessen your pain before or after surgery. If discitis is suspected, you may receive a prescription when you are discharged.

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